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Tow truck dispatch operators answer calls for emergency service and relays the jobs to local services or towing companies. Utilizing computed enabled dispatch systems; they maintain records and make detailed reports of the emergency calls and correspondence with towing services. Towing dispatchers remain in touch with drivers, using phones and computers, so they can solve issues and reply to questions as quickly as possible. Dispatchers can tell drivers which directions to use to prevent traffic jams. They work for state or city police departments, municipal governments or private towing firms.

Nature Of Work

Some tow truck dispatch operator works as freelancers or subcontractors, working at home. These workers frequently possess high school diplomas. They should be organized and be able to do function properly under pressure as well. Everybody is always looking for a “tow truck near me” it’s best a tow truck dispatcher has great customer service skills and is able to handle clients that are in a bind. Customer or clerical service experience can be beneficial in the job role. New tow truck dispatchers receive on the job training.

Towing services are highly in demand in the USA; they are in high demand because a lot of traffic accidents take place daily as well as other road issues like flat tires, dead batteries and so on. There are plenty of drivers who strictly tow for parking violations.

Apart from the towing jobs which were created for the individual aim of towing, a few operators work with a big fleet of vehicles like those who provide vehicle rentals and people who offer car or bus servicing.


To ensure that everything is in the right condition in business, most of the operators make use of the proper dispatching center. The drivers with the related trucks are offered towing works on daily basis. Whenever the services are required, the requests are sent to the center. The center passes the request to the operators. Most of the time, it communicates with the drivers by cell phone or mobile radios. But due to the reason of the new technological advancement, wireless phone tools are being used by operators most of the time.

A permit is not needed to drive a truck in California, but the operator should get a class B license also called as commercial driver’s license. Tow truck dispatch operator operates the vehicles in a particular place to tow cars which have broken down. The owner might drive the car to mechanic shed. They transport vehicles from one location to another.

Assistance Service

Your successful towing business starts with well-maintained trucks which are designed to serve your niche markets. Raise the income by getting several source of business. Check participation in roadside helps services, with police rotation work. If you are accepted to join a national roadside assistance service, you will get the chance to serve customers in the local area.

You will also expect to offer 24-hour service. You could tow truck, alter a tire, supply fuel, kick start a dead battery or offer lock out help. Prior looking into roadside help service, research the business record and reputation. Know the insurance needs to be required to join the program.

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